Buying funds with
Scalable Capital

Trade over 1,700 funds - without initial charge.

There are risks associated with investing.


Trade over 1,700 funds in the Scalable Broker


No initial charge


No minimum order volume


Unlimited in the trading flat rate starting from €250 or for only €0.99 per trade*

*Product costs, spreads and /or inducements may apply.

Popular funds

In the Scalable Broker you have over 1,700 funds at your disposal. The following funds are particularly popular.

Fidelity Funds - Global Technology Fund A-Euro




1.89% p.a.

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Morgan Stanley Investment Funds ‑ Global Opportunity Fund




1.84% p.a.

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Carmignac Patrimoine ‑ A EUR Acc




1,91 % p.a.

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JPMorgan Investment Funds ‑ JPM Global Income A (div) - EUR




1.45% p.a.

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*Product costs, spreads and /or inducements may apply.

There are risks associated with investing.

Buying funds
- in 3 easy steps

Just open a securities
account at Scalable Broker and get started.

1. Choose your desired fund. 2. Create an order or Create a savings plan. 3. Hold the fund in your securities account or sell at any time.

What are funds?

With a fund, you invest in several securities at the same time - so the investment is often broadly diversified. A fund manager decides the securities that are included. Funds are therefore actively managed and differ from most ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), which are usually passively managed. Active management, i.e. administration, is paid for by ongoing costs of the fund.

There are different types of funds:

Equity funds

invest primarily in stocks.

Pension funds

contain fixed-interest securities such as government bonds and corporate bonds.

Real estate funds

focus on commercial real estate such as office buildings, shopping centres, logistics and hotel buildings whether domestic or foreign.

Mixed funds

combine different asset classes.



Risk distribution: Risk minimisation through investment in several securities


Special assets: safeguarding of assets in the event of insolvency of the fund company


Active management: Investment decisions by fund managers


Availability: Easy and short-term trading on the stock exchange



Costs: Reduced returns due to fees for active asset management


Risk of loss: Market-related fluctuations in securities


Concentration risk: Effects of regional developments in the case of majority investments in certain regions


Liquidity risk: Price fluctuations due to unpredictable market situations

Frequently asked questions

What are the costs for trading funds in the Scalable Broker?

You can choose between three models:

FREE Broker:
No order fees* occur for savings plans on funds. For all other trades on gettex, order fees of €0.99 apply.

PRIME Broker:
For only €2.99 per month (billed annually at €35.88), in addition to savings plans from €1 on shares, ETFs and other exchange-traded products (ETP), you receive an unlimited number of trades on gettex without order fees* from €250 order volume. Trades below €250 cost €0.99 on gettex.

PRIME+ Broker:
In the PRIME+ Broker, you enjoy all the benefits of the PRIME Broker with flexible monthly payments at only €4.99 per month

Xetra trades:
For order execution via the Xetra stock exchange, all clients incur a fee of €3.99 per trade plus a trading venue fee (0.01% of the order volume, min. €1.50), regardless of the pricing model. The latter covers all third-party costs for trading and settlement. Partial executions are not charged more than once.

There are no additional costs such as securities account fees, flat-rate third-party fees, or issue surcharges. Find a cost overview here.

*Product costs, spreads, inducements and crypto fees may apply.

Which funds can I trade with Scalable?

In the Scalable Broker, you can trade more than 1,700 funds.

Which stock exchanges are available?

Orders can be placed on gettex a stock exchange of Bayrische Börse AG, or Xetra, operated by Deutsche Börse AG. In principle, neither brokerage fees nor exchange fees are charged on gettex. The public law structure guarantees the neutrality that is indispensable for safeguarding the interests of market participants, investors, and issuers.

The order fee is €3.99 per order, also in the PRIME Broker or PRIME+ Broker. In addition to that, there is a trading fee for Xetra. For Scalable Broker this is only 0.01% of the executed volume (minimum €1.50). The trading venue fee covers all third-party costs for trading and settlement. The settlement is carried out by the custodian bank.

An overview of all costs can be found here.

How can I trade funds?

Trading orders can only be accepted via the client area on the web or in the apps. Telephone orders in particular are expressly not possible. Select the desired fund in the client area. Use the "Buy" or "Sell" buttons to start the order process. The sell option is only available if you already hold shares in the security.

Can I set up a savings plan for funds?

You can set up savings plans for funds from €1 in the Scalable Broker.
We are constantly reviewing whether a savings plan function can be set up for new securities in order to constantly expand our offering.